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Doctors Exclusive is the perfect fit for bringing evidence-based ocular nutrition to your patients. We have different programs available to fit the specific needs of your practice. Contact us for additional information on how to make the Doctors Exclusive products a part of your ocular nutrition protocol.

In-Office Sales Program

Our free interactive brochures help with in-office communications and reinforce the purchase of the Doctors Exclusive products.

The best way to increase patient compliance is to make it easy for patients to buy the products you recommend by having them available in your office. Doctors Exclusive provides informational brochures and prescription pads to facilitate sales, reinforce your recommendations, and help staff communicate more effectively with patients. This is a great way to increase practice revenue with products that meet or exceed the standard of care in the eye industry. Doctors Exclusive never requires a minimum order, and free shipping starts at just 12 bottles.

Referral Program

Our free Rx pads make it easy for your patients to get exactly what you recommend.

The Doctors Exclusive referral program is simple and easy for you, your staff, and your patients. This is a great way for you to offer our standard-of-care therapeutic formulas without having to maintain an inventory and dispense products from your office. Patients are referred to us by phone or through the website and products are shipped directly to them.

Private Labeling Program

All Doctors Exclusive formulas are available for private labeling. We make it simple for your practice to have its own uniquely labeled supplements. We design, create and print your label to your satisfaction. Creating your own custom label gives you total control over how and where you sell your products and gives you the power to develop repeat business through patient loyalty. You can have your product in as little as two weeks after the design of your label is completed. Contact us today for more information.

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