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Doctors Exclusive MultiVitamin Formula

Delivery System

The Doctors Exclusive products use easily digestible vegetable capsules instead of hard compressed tablets. Hard tables are hard to digest, especially for compromised digestive systems, and can afford little to no therapeutic benefit to patients. Often, tablets are so hard, they will pass completely through a patient’s system without ever breaking down offering zero health … Read More "Delivery System"

What does pharmaceutical grade omega 3s mean?

When an Omega 3 product is manufactured to the highest standards and purity, only then can it be called pharmaceutical grade. Pharmaceutical grade means the product must be more than 99% pure and contain no dyes, fillers, bulking agents (excipients) or unknown substances. All the dangers of consuming to much fish are eliminated through the … Read More "What does pharmaceutical grade omega 3s mean?"

You just can’t eat that much

There is no question that eating foods that are high in nutrition is a great way to stay healthy. However, giving the body what it needs to perform at its best can be challenging, especially when we don’t always like the foods that would benefit us most. Supplementation is a great way to get clinically … Read More "You just can’t eat that much"

Oxidative Stress

When your body is influenced in a negative way by injury, sickness, anxiety, bad diet or even pollution, it starts producing unstable atoms called “Free Radicals”. These unstable atom’s ultimate purpose is to destroy damaged cells. However, when there are too many free radicals in the body, healthy cells are damaged as well resulting in … Read More "Oxidative Stress"

No pain doesn’t mean no problem when it comes to your eyes.

You only get one pair of eyes, take care of them before it is too late. We tend to associate break downs in our bodies with pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, in many cases, our eyes do not warn us when damage is being done to the sensitive cells that keep our vision sharp and eyes … Read More "No pain doesn’t mean no problem when it comes to your eyes."
Doctors Exclusive Omega 3 Formula

What to look for in your Omega 3

It has been clearly proven that Omega 3’s are beneficial for keeping your eyes, joints, mind and body healthy. Simply looking at all of the options available can tell you that many companies are trying to capitalize on the popularity of Omega 3’s. But what should you look for to make sure you are getting … Read More "What to look for in your Omega 3"

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