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What to look for in your Omega 3

It has been clearly proven that Omega 3’s are beneficial for keeping your eyes, joints, mind and body healthy. Simply looking at all of the options available can tell you that many companies are trying to capitalize on the popularity of Omega 3’s. But what should you look for to make sure you are getting the product that will provide the most health benefit? Afterall, we take omega 3 supplements to get healthier, right?  When looking for an Omega 3 supplement, look at the nutritional information (Supplement Facts) on the back. There should be a listing for EPA omega 3’s and for DHA Omega 3’s. If this is not listed or if there is no number in milligrams (mg) next to EPA or DHA, move on to another product. You see, EPA/DHA are the two forms of Omega 3 that are the most bioavailable and afford the health benefits you are looking for. The total combined sum of the amount of EPA/DHA should total at least 1,000 mg. (This is the amount recommended by the American Heart Association). Do not be fooled by products that list 1,000 mg of fish oil. Fish oil is NOT EPA/DHA.

Doctors Exclusive Omega 3 Formula
Doctors Exclusive Omega 3 Formula

Doctors Exclusive Omega 3 has 140% of the recommended dose at 1,400 mg of EPA/DHA and is in the same form approved by the FDA to be prescribed by physicians. Doctors across the country prescribe Doctors Exclusive Omega 3 to relieve dry, itchy, burning eyes and for the clinically proven health benefits for the entire body.

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