The Doctors Exclusive line of therapeutic formulas is custom-designed with your patients’ well-being in mind. As the name suggests, only doctors have access to this exclusive line. Based on the latest research studies, Doctors Exclusive formulations are meticulously assembled for potency and effectiveness.

Doctors Exclusive Omega 3 Formula- With 1,400 milligrams of EPA/DHA omega 3 per dose, this molecularly distilled, pharmaceutical-grade omega 3 is an excellent choice for dry eye and also benefits the entire body in many ways.

Doctors Exclusive Eye Formula- An AREDS2-compliant formulation with essential vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids. This formula aids the entire eye’s natural response to free-radical damage and nourishes the cornea and retina.

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Doctors Exclusive MultiVitamin Formula- A comprehensive, AREDS2-compliant formulation with 35 vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids. This unique formula also has extra ingredients that support the body’s natural response to the inflammatory process.


Doctors Exclusive’s Sales Programs

Eye Vitamins Exclusively Sold by Doctors
Doctors Exclusive offers two ways to make our standard-of-care products available to your patients. You can choose to provide products in your office or take advantage of our Doctors Exclusive referral program. Each program is designed to improve patient compliance and provide ocular nutrition for year-round patient care.


In-Office Sales Program:

  • The best way to increase patient compliance is to make sure your recommended product is available at checkout.
  • Doctors Exclusive provides informational brochures and prescription pads to help facilitate sales, reinforce your recommendation, and help staff communicate more effectively when completing the sale.
  • This is a very cost-effective way to introduce high-quality nutraceutical products into your practice and generate additional practice revenue.
  • Doctors Exclusive never requires a minimum order and free shipping starts at just 12 bottles


Referral Program:

  • The Doctors Exclusive referral program is simple and easy for you, your staff and your patients. 
  • This is a great way to offer our standard-of-care therapeutic formulas without having to maintain an inventory and dispense products from your office.
  • Your office staff goes to to submit the referral form ensuring that your doctor code is included so that you will receive 25% on all of your patient referrals.
  • Products are shipped directly to your patient.


You can choose to take advantage of the in-office sales program, referral program, or both. 

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